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    Bag of whole bean Yosemite Dos Sierras Organic coffee, roasted by Peet's Coffee

    Yosemite Dos Sierras Organic

    An organic dark single-origin coffee with nutty and chocolate taste notes.

    Complex and satisfying, with milk chocolate sweetness. Now available year-round.

    How It Tastes

    Complex and satisfying with milk chocolate sweetness.


    Finca La Cabaña is a sustainable estate on the southwestern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains in Colombia. It’s renowned for its biodiversity and natural coffee production.

    Worth Noting

    Yosemite Dos Sierras is crisp, complex, and full-bodied—the ultimate way to honor the Sierra Nevada landscape of perfection. And the coffee is organic, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

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    Peet's Coffee

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