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    Bag of whole bean Uzuri African Blend® coffee, roasted by Peet's Coffee

    Uzuri African Blend®

    A dark blend coffee from Africa and Arabia with fruity, floral, orange, and black cherry taste notes.

    A beautiful, fully sustainable coffee that helps small-scale farmers improve their lives.

    How It Tastes

    Orange blossom, black cherry, silky-smooth body.


    In the words of Peet’s Roastmaster Emeritus Jim Reynolds, “Coffee can be a powerful means of doing good.” That sentiment is the soul of this blend, a unique combination of exquisite coffees from smallholder farmers throughout Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

    In fact, it was the farmers who gave this truly sustainable, distinctly African blend its name, Uzuri—which is Swahili for beautiful or excellent. We don’t think there’s any better way to describe coffee with such a flowery fragrance, smooth, malty-sweet flavors, and dark berry juiciness. Uzuri…beautiful.

    Worth Noting

    Our partnership with the non-profit TechnoServe gives many of these farmers hands-on training to increase the yield and quality of their coffee crops so they can command more favorable prices. Over the years it’s been rewarding and inspiring to see many farmers, through their cooperatives, build schools, install power lines, and provide their communities access to affordable food, among other projects.

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