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    Bag of whole bean Ethiopian Fancy coffee, roasted by Peet's Coffee

    Ethiopian Fancy

    A dark single-origin coffee from Africa and Arabia with fruity and floral taste notes.

    An elegant experience from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, meticulously prepared by the washed method.

    How It Tastes

    Medium-bodied and pungent, with tangy citrus flavors and lingering floral aroma.


    We have Ethiopia to thank for coffee. It’s the birthplace of the bean, which still grows wild there in resplendent diversity. In fact, it’s the region’s botanical variety that makes Ethiopian coffee so special, bestowing beans with a distinctive appearance and aroma — long and slightly curved, with a beautiful floral scent that reminds some of jasmine blossoms. Ours comes from Yirgacheffé in the Sidamo state, east of Lake Abaya, where we find special lots that best exemplify these qualities.

    The coffee we select for Ethiopian Fancy is the finest washed Arabica, prepared in a fashion that enhances its uniquely refined flavors. Perfectly ripe cherries are picked and pulped the same day. Careful fermentation loosens the gelatinous fruit, and the coffee is then washed in high mountain waters. Cleansed beans are gently dried on raised beds, where farmers rotate them frequently to prevent any sun-scorching. This method produces a bright, tangy brew with peerless clarity of flavor.

    Worth Noting

    Alfred Peet thought this medium-bodied coffee deserved to be called “Fancy,” and it’s easy to taste why. Its pungent floral aroma lingers almost like a perfume, giving way to distinct, lemony citrus notes.

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