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    Bag of whole bean Decaf Mocca-Java coffee, roasted by Peet's Coffee

    Decaf Mocca-Java

    A decaf dark blend coffee with spicy, complex, and chocolate taste notes.

    Water-process decaffeination makes this rich, ancient blend of Java and Ethiopian Mocca a discerning decaf.

    How It Tastes

    Complex and chocolaty flavors, with a well-rounded body and touch of sweetness.


    There’s a rich tradition behind this blend, which brings together Mocca beans from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, with their Javanese descendants. And although the spelling may be different — we also source rare Mochas from Arabia — this water-processed decaf has some serious flavor.

    Worth Noting

    With the top-grade Mocca-Java coffee that goes into this blend, the water process yields a discerning decaf that’s brilliant and complex, with an added dimension of chocolaty sweetness.

    Peet's Coffee
    Peet's Coffee

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