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    Bag of whole bean Big Bang coffee, roasted by Peet's Coffee

    Big Bang

    A medium single-origin coffee from Americas with bright, citrus, and sweet taste notes.

    A brilliant blend to celebrate our 50th anniversary, featuring the exotic fruitiness of Ethiopian Super Natural.

    How It Tastes

    Brilliant blend with natural Ethiopia roasted to bright, sweet, medium-bodied perfection


    Some have described Alfred Peet as the “big bang”* of craft coffee—the one who started it all. When he set up shop in Berkeley back in 1966, he transformed America’s expectations of the depth, body and flavor in our cups. And that pursuit of greatness has never stopped.

    In celebration of our 50th year, we honored his legacy by taking a bold step ahead. Like Mr. Peet’s pioneering dark roasts, our new signature blend expands the horizon of what coffee can be: vibrant, full-flavored, boldly original, and roasted to medium-bodied perfection. It’s the perfect coffee to honor the man who still inspires us every day.

    Worth Noting

    If you love Major Dickason’s one-of-a-kind taste, you’ll find a kindred spirit in Big BangTM. This blend is crafted from some of the same premium coffees, as Major Dickason’s, but with a twist, thanks to the heavenly, aromatic citrus of Ethiopian Super Natural.

    Peet's Coffee
    Peet's Coffee

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