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    Bag of whole bean Kenya Thithi OT-15 coffee, roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab

    Kenya Thithi OT-15

    A light single-origin coffee from Kenya with nectarine, honeysuckle, panela, and tonic water taste notes.

    The Murang’a region lies on the southern slopes of the Aberdare mountain range in central Kenya and on the northern section of Murang’a is the Thithi Wet Mill. While we were in Nairobi in February, a small sample of their AA’s from week 15 of production happens to hit the cupping lab we were staying. We knew we had to get it. You’ll find delicate floral and honeysuckle notes with a finish of slight tannins, much like tonic water. This becomes a great refreshing Summer coffee that works well as an espresso or filter.

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