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    Bag of whole bean Kenya Gachatha OT-18 coffee, roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab

    Kenya Gachatha OT-18

    A light single-origin coffee from Kenya with white grape, sugar cane, tamarind, and peach taste notes.

    If you have been involved in specialty coffee for the last few years, chances are, you have heard of or tasted the sweet fruit of the Gachatha Farmers Cooperative Society. Every year this wet mill (factory) produces some of the best Kenyan coffee. This lot from Outturn 18 lives up to the hype. The cup has a beautiful dichotomy of delicate and bold flavors. White grape and tamarind are quite pronounced and structural in the cup, while botanical sugar cane and soft peach carry throughout giving this coffee an intense upfront moment that relaxes with subtleness at the end.

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