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    Bag of whole bean Guatemala Finca Isnul Hybrid coffee, roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab

    Guatemala Finca Isnul Hybrid

    A light single-origin coffee from Guatemala with plum, swiss chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla taste notes.

    This experimental micro-lot is another offering from our longtime friends the Perez family. It is a Pacamara that was fermented in the cherry for a few days before being fully washed resulting in a natural/washed hybrid processing method. It went on to place in Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence. It’s an extraordinarily tropical and juicy coffee. Sweetness is where this coffee excels, boasting bright plum, deep vanilla, and comforting chocolate sugars. A very unique coffee, it is more for the adventurous coffee drinker.

    Onyx Coffee Lab
    Onyx Coffee Lab

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