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    Bag of whole bean Colombia El Bosque coffee, roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab

    Colombia El Bosque

    A medium-light single-origin coffee from Colombia with tangerine, orgeat, lime, vibrant, and juicy taste notes.

    In the small village of San Carlos lies the farm El Bosque. San Carlos is nestled in the majestic region of Antioquia, Colombia. This micro-lot from the farm is 100% Caturra variety and cups beautifully. It has a mouthwatering vibrant acidity and a supportive sweetness that creates an exciting but balanced cup. Notes of tangerine, lime, and orgeat (almond & rose water simple syrup) resonate in the final cup. This is an easy coffee to brew and share with others. It straddles the line of modern tropics and comforting sweetness.

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