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    Bag of whole bean Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee, roasted by Lucky Goat Coffee Co.

    Guatemala Huehuetenango

    An organic medium single origin coffee from Guatemala with acidic, fruity, heavy body, and sweet taste notes.

    Fair-trade certified with a heavy body, mild dried berry acidity, and a marshmallow sweetness.

    Huehuetenango Region, Guatemala

    This Fair Trade Organic coffee was cultivated by farmers within the indigenous Mayan communities of Huehuetenango through a co-op known as the Asociación Barillense de Agricultores, or ASOBAGRI. With a velvety feel, full body, and a berry acidity that we’ve come to expect from this region. Profits from this coffee have gone to aid, events, health-care, education, and emergency planning.

    Lucky Goat Coffee Co.
    Lucky Goat Coffee Co.

    It started with a simple idea: Make great coffee.