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    Bag of whole bean Colombia Jerico, Madre Laura coffee, roasted by Lucky Goat Coffee Co.

    Colombia Jerico, Madre Laura

    A medium single origin coffee from Colombia with earthy, fruity, and smooth taste notes.

    The Colombia Jerico, Madre Laura is our newest Colombian offering, harvested for its agreeable body, complexity, and notes of black cherry and red wine. The coffee sits somewhere between a maple sweetness and a gentle fruit-forward tartness that delicately balances the cup.

    Jerico, Antioquia, Colombia

    This coffee is surnamed by its country (Colombia) and then by the specific town from which it hails—Jerico, Antioquia. The town, which has a strong catholic tradition, is home to Colombia’s only canonized saint, Madre Laura, who is honored in the name of this single origin. Each growing lot is cupped rigorously, filtering out any unbalanced beans in hopes to best represent Jerico’s unmistakable flavor profile. If you’ve had any of our Colombians in that past this certainly isn’t a surprise to you. This coffee harvested between 20+ farms, 1700-2000 meters above sea level. Its hand-sorted, fully washed [link to processing methods], then dried mechanically or by the sun, capturing the sweet and clean profile we’ve learned to expect and cherish from Colombian coffees.

    Lucky Goat Coffee Co.
    Lucky Goat Coffee Co.

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