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    Bag of whole bean Opascope Espresso coffee, roasted by Blue Bottle Coffee

    Opascope Espresso

    A medium espresso coffee with juicy, vibrant, and clean taste notes.

    What’s in a name? Well, we’ve always been fans of the opascope, a beautiful tool for projecting handwriting and finely rendered artwork onto a larger surface. We could blab for hours about its quaint design, its bulky contours, its place in our childhood classrooms. But for expediency’s sake, let’s put it this way: The opascope is a tool for taking careful craftsmanship and opening it up for everyone to access and enjoy. Sound familiar? Available only in the Bay Area and online, Opascope Espresso is a refreshing addition to a lineup once dominated by dense, chocolatey selections. It yields an effervescent shot, packed with stripes of tropicalia.

    Blue Bottle Coffee
    Blue Bottle Coffee

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