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    Bag of whole bean Burundi Mpanga Kirema coffee, roasted by Blue Bottle Coffee

    Burundi Mpanga Kirema

    A medium single-origin coffee from Burundi with dried peach, black tea, and lime candy taste notes.

    We’ll never forget Mpanga for sparking our love affair with Burundi’s coffee. Years later, our menu is an all-star lineup from Kayanza Province’s most renowned producers. But like first love, our fondness for Mpanga remains deep and true. Managed by the incomparable Jean-Clément Birabireye, Mpanga Coffee Washing Station is a study in how to do everything right—from fermenting cherry twice to isolating a coffee according to the hill from which it came. Like an orchestra where every musician is in their prime, Mpanga transforms Bourbon cherry into harmonies that are divine.

    Blue Bottle Coffee
    Blue Bottle Coffee

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